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Friday, 26 February 2016

Five cards for this week

Hi Everyone
Here are five cards for this week. My secretary is trying to do an upload of my cards for me
each week  (until she gets bored again haha)

 The one above is a lovely shade of Purple, but unfortunately the colour didn't come out that well so hope the boss agrees it is ok, if not I will have to remove it LOL!!

Hope you like my cards, thank you for looking in, any comments will be appreciated 

Tuesday, 16 February 2016

A wall Plaque and more cards

Hi Everyone
The first item I am showing you is a wall plaque I have made on a canvas,
I rather like it and so does my friend (Secretary).

Now for a few cards

The one below is done using the fabulous Groovi plates by Barbara Gray of Clarity Stamps. The ladies at the Tuesday club have now decided to buy these plates. Pergamano made so easy and very very fast.

Hope you like all the above, comments will be very much appreciated
Love Sandy xx

Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Book Folded Vase


My secretary has at last woke up.  I have been nagging her for months to put some of my work on here to show, she kept coming up with all sorts of excuses. She said she was having trouble getting items on here.

I suppose I had better believe her so here goes a picture of the vase I made out of a book. I then decorated it with all these artificial flowers (as the vase doesn't hold water - it would get a bit soggy)

Less waffle here's the picture

Well that seemed to work LOL!!

I will have to speak to her nicely again so she will put more on here (fingers crossed)
Thanks for looking in, comments will be appreciated
Love Sandy xx