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Monday, 6 March 2017

Here are Five Cards made recently

Hi Everyone

 Here are a few cards that I have made recently.
I made the Lilies using the Little Lily Stamp by Honeydoo Stamps and made them with Vellum.
I then coloured them with Pan Pastel Chalks and sprayed them with hairspray to stop the chalk  rubbing off.

 The Hibiscus flowers are done with the same process, but using the Heartfelt Creations stamp.

 The word stamps are from Sheena Douglass and Honeydoo.

Thanks for looking in and any comments will be very much appreciated

Have a good crafting week

Love Sandy

Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Ornament as a gift and some cards

The first item is a gift I have made for the parents of a neighbour. I am going to the christening of this adorable baby shortly and want to give the grandparents a gift. The baby is a real cutie I am sure you will agree.

The others are some cards that I have recently made.

That's all for this week folks.
Thanks for looking and comments would be appreciated

Have a good week Love Sandy

Saturday, 4 February 2017

Birthday Card for Friend

Hi Everyone
Here is the card I made for a friend.
The Buttercup flower is from Honeydoo Stamps, I think I have got all of their stamps now, I love them, so much so that I have even duplicated this stamp and sold one onto my secretary..

Only this card for now, more to follow shortly

(oops!!! Secretary here, it keeps flipping on it's side and I can't get it to stay put. )😅

Take care all 

Sunday, 29 January 2017

3 More Cards

Hi Everyone
Here are just 3 more cards I have recently made.
I have made the flowers myself using velum The lilies are my new favourites they colour up and shape really well.  I will have to tell my secretary the make of them again. She is getting really
lazy now. I will make more cards and give her a list of the make of dies I use and the inks etc.
Anyway her excuse is she can't see very well so perhaps I will nag her when she gets her eyes sorted.
So in the meantime here are the 3 recent cards.

Thanks for looking in, and please feel free to comment.
Have a good crafting week, and hopefully I will be putting more on soon.

Love Sandy xx